Bloody Lucey


Lucey -a 10 year old- was a model for dresses,she was suppose to be a maid and a friend to her master's daughter but her doll sized body was perfect for dresses.

Being a inspiration weren't going to stop her getting bullied though she was the weird girl at school for not speaking much she was called;deaf,showoff and spoilt but Lucey didn't really cure but today-was different.

"Hey deaf girl give me that" A bully,Beth approached her and snatched away her toy bunny Kymu,Alice reached for her toy but she wasen't that tall compared to Beth,Lucey saw it rain cotton

The first time Lucey felt something she never felt before anger but not the anger anyone felt for the first time she knew what this level of anger ment

"To bad no one is here to see you this is hilarious"


She stabbed multiple times Lucey figured if she wanted to be respected she'd have to be a princess she knew she couldn't be one when Alexia (The models daughter)was around there is one thing she could do.

She walked on the backyard where Alexia was sitting sewing Kymu

"Alexia leave the rest to me"

"Sure...wait what are you doing?Lucey kills Alexia "What did I do wrong" Alexia died a slow death

"I've learnt from mommy when a member of a royal family dies there oldest child or siblings or maybe relatives take after them"

Night Time

A figure dances in the garden

"Lucey come inside because Alexia is missing you don't need to copy everything she does...wait what are you doing"

"Now I can a princess but I can't live here the treehouse could only be my palace now"


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